Are you considering starting your own Airline, Maintenance Repair Facility or Engineering Training School?

If so Aviation Project Managers have experience starting up;

  • Passenger Airlines
  • Charter Airlines
  • Cargo Airlines
  • Maintenance Repair Facilities (MRO's part 145)
  • Engineering Training Schools (Part 147)

Aviation project managers can manage the entire project for you from zero to gaining your Certificate of Approval. All that's required is your strategic business plan and Aviation Project Managers will ensure that you are provided with a business capable of meeting your goals.


Does your regulator require you to conduct induction and continuation training?

Are your resources stretched to the maximum?

Do you appreciate the impact Training has on your staff?

Aviation Project Managers can provide;

  • Training Needs : Carry out a training needs analysis of your staff.
  • Training Plans : Provide Training Plans.
  • Company tailored courses : Develop training courses tailored to your company's policies and procedures.
  • Present training material : Courses can be presented using Instructors with Part 147 training experience.
  • Induction Training : Provide Induction training for staff covering; company policies and procedures, company manuals, documents and forms in-use, the quality system, administration.
  • Continuation Training : Provide Continuation Training for Maintenance staff, including changes to policy and procedures, incidents, accidents and omissions, Airworthiness Directives, Audit results, Human Factor issues, health and safety issues.
  • Adhoc Training: e.g.
    • Use and application of an MEL
    • Completing Technical Logs and Trip Reports
    • Reporting occurrences
    • Deferring Defects
    • Quality Assurance concepts


Do you appreciate that a company's greatest asset is its staff?

Are you investing time in ensuring you employ only those staff that can demonstrate competence?

Aviation Project Managers is not a recruitment agency and as such our fees for providing staff are not charged on a one month salary or percentage basis. Through our extensive network we can:

  • Source experienced staff
  • Conduct interviews matching your job descriptions to the person's qualifications and experience
  • Conduct competency assessment programs for potential employees
  • Recommend employment of only those applicants that meet Aviation Project Managers criteria
  • Provide strategies that ensure you retain your greatest assets

Maintenance & Engineering

Do you need to expand your capability?

Do you need assistance setting up systems and programs to meet your regulators requirements?

Do you need short term resources to get processes up and running?

Aviation Project Managers can:

  • Setup Line Stations for your operation
  • Setup or expand your in-house workshop capability
  • Produce Maintenance Programs for aircraft being introduced into your fleet
  • Produce Reliability Programs to monitor your fleet and comply with your regulators requirements
  • Setup Stores programs to manage your Stores Inventory
  • Provide on-site oversight of Major Base Maintenance Checks being carried out on your aircraft at third party maintenance facilities
  • Manage Major modification programs for an aircraft or entire fleet

Quality Assurance

Is your company to small to justify employing a full time Quality Assurance Auditor?

Is your company keeping up with your Audit schedule?

Did you know that your regulator will allow you to contract out your audits?

Aviation Project Managers can;

  • Provide Audit Plans
  • Provide checklists tailored to your regulatory requirements and your company policies and procedures
  • Conduct audits using qualified Auditors that meet your Authorities requirements
  • Distribute observations
  • Compile Audit reports
  • Conduct follow-up inspections
  • Present Management Review reports

Aviation Project Managers can tailor their Audits to comply with the following standards;

  • Your local Authorities Regulatory Requirements
  • EASA or FAA requirements
  • Your Company Policy and Procedures
  • IOSA Standards
  • ISO Standards


Are you in a Start-up phase and require Company Procedures Manuals to comply with your local Authority requirements?

Are you expanding and require additional Company Manuals to obtain approval from your regulatory authority?

Are you adding another type to your fleet and need documentation to gain regulatory acceptance?

Aviation Project Managers Technical writers can provide most of your documentation requirements:

  • Flight Operations Manuals (JAA OPS-1/3 Compliant)
  • Maintenance Expositions, MOE, MME, CAME (EASA Part 145, Part M and JAA OPS 1/3 Subpart M compliant)
  • Safety Management System manuals, (Local Authority compliant)
  • Emergency Response Plan Manuals, (Local Authority compliant)
  • Quality Assurance System Manuals (JAA OPS 1/3, Part 145, Part M, Part 147, JAA STD, FAA FCL compliant)
  • Design Organisation Exposition (NZ CAA Part 146 compliant)
  • Dangerous Goods Manual (IATA compliant)
  • Minimum Equipment Lists (MEL's) All makes and models of Aircraft/Helicopters
  • Aircraft Maintenance Program (AMP, AMS) All makes and models of Aircraft

National Aviation Authority

Are you a small Regulatory Authority trying to comply with ICAO standards and recommended practices (SARP's)?

Are you subject to recommendations from ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Program (USOP) but don't know how to implement these recommendations?

Have you been placed on an EU blacklist and want to be removed so your Operators can enter European Airspace?

Are your Operators receiving significant SAFA audit findings?

If so Aviation Project mangers can provide;

  • Oversight programs
  • Regulatory Structure development
  • Airworthiness Inspection Procedures
  • Identify and rectiy safety oversight weaknesses
  • CAA Trained Airworthiness Inspectors
  • UK CAA Trained Airworthiness Auditors

Software Solutions

Does your company need a software solution to streamline its processes and systems?

Is your budget for IT small?

Do you need cost effective solutions?

If so Aviation Project Managers can recommend and commission cost effective software solutions for:

  • Quality Assurance Audit/Finding tracking and analysis (Q-Pulse)
  • Electronic Document Control system
  • Calibration record software
  • Maintenance Planning Software
  • Stores Inventory management software
  • Training scheduling software
  • Charter Airline optimisation software

Aircraft Acquisitions

Are you considering purchasing aircraft?

Do you appreciate the relationship between the aircraft value, its condition and records?

Do you need to negotiate the aircraft price based on its condition?

Aviation Project Managers can provide the following for new or second-hand aircraft from light aircraft to wide-bodied airliners:-

  • Pre-Purchase Inspection of, the aircraft condition, records condition, Airworthiness Directive (AD) status, Life limited part status, maintenance status, modification status, engine boroscopes, fuel leak checks, pressurisation checks.
  • Importation of the aircraft, including de-registration, Export Certificates of Airworthiness, ferry permits, preparation and presentation of the aircraft and records for issue of a Certificate of Registration, Certificate of Airworthiness, Noise and Radio certificates.
  • Placing of your aircraft on your Air Operators Certificate

Periodic Management Reviews

Aviation Project Managers can provide annual or bi-annual management review reports. These reports are compiled from observations made during audits, incidents, accidents, occurrences and omissions and include subjects such as;

  • Audits performed and the Audit Status
  • Corrective and preventive actions raised during the reporting period
  • Response to findings raised and response time to close findings
  • Significant Level 1 findings from both Internal and External Audits
  • Incidents and accidents during the reporting period
  • Statistical Analysis of findings raised since last review showing trends, root cause using the 5 why's method
  • Number of deviations, concessions and waivers applied
  • Maintenance errors and omissions
  • Training and development
  • Document control
  • Operational and managerial performance measurements
  • Open concessions and exemptions
  • Customer surveys
  • Customer complaints
  • Summary of the effectiveness of the Quality System